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Title Walenty: Towards a Comprehensive Valence Dictionary of Polish
Authors Adam Przepiórkowski, Elżbieta Hajnicz, Agnieszka Patejuk, Marcin Woliński, Filip Skwarski and Marek Świdziński
Abstract This paper presents Walenty, a comprehensive valence dictionary of Polish, with a number of novel features, as compared to other such dictionaries. The notion of argument is based on the coordination test and takes into consideration the possibility of diverse morphosyntactic realisations. Some aspects of the internal structure of phraseological (idiomatic) arguments are handled explicitly. While the current version of the dictionary concentrates on syntax, it already contains some semantic features, including semantically defined arguments, such as locative, temporal or manner, as well as control and raising, and work on extending it with semantic roles and selectional preferences is in progress. Although Walenty is still being intensively developed, it is already by far the largest Polish valence dictionary, with around 8600 verbal lemmata and almost 39 000 valence schemata. The dictionary is publicly available on the Creative Commons BY SA licence and may be downloaded from
Topics Grammar and Syntax, Other
Full paper Walenty: Towards a Comprehensive Valence Dictionary of Polish
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