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Title The Impact of Cohesion Errors in Extraction Based Summaries
Authors Evelina Rennes and Arne Jonsson
Abstract We present results from an eye tracking study of automatic text summarization. Automatic text summarization is a growing field due to the modern world's Internet based society, but to automatically create perfect summaries is challenging. One problem is that extraction based summaries often have cohesion errors. By the usage of an eye tracking camera, we have studied the nature of four different types of cohesion errors occurring in extraction based summaries. A total of 23 participants read and rated four different texts and marked the most difficult areas of each text. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that absent cohesion or context and broken anaphoric reference (pronouns) caused some disturbance in reading, but that the impact is restricted to the effort to read rather than the comprehension of the text. However, erroneous anaphoric references (pronouns) were not always detected by the participants which poses a problem for automatic text summarizers. The study also revealed other potential disturbing factors.
Full paper The Impact of Cohesion Errors in Extraction Based Summaries
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