Summary of the paper

Title A Study on Expert Sourcing Enterprise Question Collection and Classification
Authors Yuan Luo, Thomas Boucher, Tolga Oral, David Osofsky and Sara Weber
Abstract Large enterprises, such as IBM, accumulate petabytes of free-text data within their organizations. To mine this big data, a critical ability is to enable meaningful question answering beyond keywords search. In this paper, we present a study on the characteristics and classification of IBM sales questions. The characteristics are analyzed both semantically and syntactically, from where a question classification guideline evolves. We adopted an enterprise level expert sourcing approach to gather questions, annotate questions based on the guideline and manage the quality of annotations via enhanced inter-annotator agreement analysis. We developed a question feature extraction system and experimented with rule-based, statistical and hybrid question classifiers. We share our annotated corpus of questions and report our experimental results. Statistical classifiers separately based on n-grams and hand-crafted rule features give reasonable macro-f1 scores at 61.7% and 63.1% respectively. Rule based classifier gives a macro-f1 at 77.1%. The hybrid classifier with n-gram and rule features using a second guess model further improves the macro-f1 to 83.9%.
Topics Question Answering, Crowdsourcing
Full paper A Study on Expert Sourcing Enterprise Question Collection and Classification
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