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Title A Multi-Cultural Repository of Automatically Discovered Linguistic and Conceptual Metaphors
Authors Samira Shaikh, Tomek Strzalkowski, Ting Liu, George Aaron Broadwell, Boris Yamrom, Sarah Taylor, Laurie Feldman, Kit Cho, Umit Boz, Ignacio Cases, Yuliya Peshkova and Ching-Sheng Lin
Abstract In this article, we present details about our ongoing work towards building a repository of Linguistic and Conceptual Metaphors. This resource is being developed as part of our research effort into the large-scale detection of metaphors from unrestricted text. We have stored a large amount of automatically extracted metaphors in American English, Mexican Spanish, Russian and Iranian Farsi in a relational database, along with pertinent metadata associated with these metaphors. A substantial subset of the contents of our repository has been systematically validated via rigorous social science experiments. Using information stored in the repository, we are able to posit certain claims in a cross-cultural context about how peoples in these cultures (America, Mexico, Russia and Iran) view particular concepts related to Governance and Economic Inequality through the use of metaphor. Researchers in the field can use this resource as a reference of typical metaphors used across these cultures. In addition, it can be used to recognize metaphors of the same form or pattern, in other domains of research.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper A Multi-Cultural Repository of Automatically Discovered Linguistic and Conceptual Metaphors
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