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Title Boosting the Creation of a Treebank
Authors Blanca Arias, Nuria Bel, Mercè Lorente, Montserrat Marimón, Alba Milà, Jorge Vivaldi, Muntsa Padró, Marina Fomicheva and Imanol Larrea
Abstract In this paper we present the results of an ongoing experiment of bootstrapping a Treebank for Catalan by using a Dependency Parser trained with Spanish sentences. In order to save time and cost, our approach was to profit from the typological similarities between Catalan and Spanish to create a first Catalan data set quickly by automatically: (i) annotating with a de-lexicalized Spanish parser, (ii) manually correcting the parses, and (iii) using the Catalan corrected sentences to train a Catalan parser. The results showed that the number of parsed sentences required to train a Catalan parser is about 1000 that were achieved in 4 months, with 2 annotators.
Topics Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Boosting the Creation of a Treebank
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