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Title SLMotion - an Extensible Sign Language Oriented Video Analysis Tool
Authors Matti Karppa, Ville Viitaniemi, Marcos Luzardo, Jorma Laaksonen and Tommi Jantunen
Abstract We present a software toolkit called SLMotion which provides a framework for automatic and semiautomatic analysis, feature extraction and annotation of individual sign language videos, and which can easily be adapted to batch processing of entire sign language corpora. The program follows a modular design, and exposes a Numpy-compatible Python application programming interface that makes it easy and convenient to extend its functionality through scripting. The program includes support for exporting the annotations in ELAN format. The program is released as free software, and is available for GNU/Linux and MacOS platforms.
Topics Statistical and Machine Learning Methods, Sign Language Recognition/Generation
Full paper SLMotion - an Extensible Sign Language Oriented Video Analysis Tool
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