Summary of the paper

Title Amazigh Verb Conjugator
Authors Fadoua Ataa Allah and Siham Boulaknadel
Abstract With the aim of preserving the Amazigh heritage from being threatened with disappearance, it seems suitable to provide Amazigh with required resources to confront the stakes of access to the domain of New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In this context and in the perspective to build linguistic resources and natural language processing tools for this language, we have undertaken to develop an online conjugating tool that generates the inflectional forms of the Amazigh verbs. This tool is based on novel linguistically motivated morphological rules describing the verbal paradigm for all the Moroccan Amazigh varieties. Furthermore, it is based on the notion of morphological tree structure and uses transformational rules which are attached to the leaf nodes. Each rule may have numerous mutually exclusive clauses, where each part of a clause is a regular expression pattern that is matched against the radical pattern. This tool is an interactive conjugator that provides exhaustive coverage of linguistically accurate conjugation paradigms for over 3584 Armazigh verbs. It has been made simple and easy to use and designed from the ground up to be a highly effective learning aid that stimulates a desire to learn.
Topics Morphology
Full paper Amazigh Verb Conjugator
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