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Title Translation Errors from English to Portuguese: an Annotated Corpus
Authors Angela Costa, Tiago Luís and Luísa Coheur
Abstract Analysing the translation errors is a task that can help us finding and describing translation problems in greater detail, but can also suggest where the automatic engines should be improved. Having these aims in mind we have created a corpus composed of 150 sentences, 50 from the TAP magazine, 50 from a TED talk and the other 50 from the from the TREC collection of factoid questions. We have automatically translated these sentences from English into Portuguese using Google Translate and Moses. After we have analysed the errors and created the error annotation taxonomy, the corpus was annotated by a linguist native speaker of Portuguese. Although Google's overall performance was better in the translation task (we have also calculated the BLUE and NIST scores), there are some error types that Moses was better at coping with, specially discourse level errors.
Topics Evaluation Methodologies, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper Translation Errors from English to Portuguese: an Annotated Corpus
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