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Title Speech Recognition Web Services for Dutch
Authors Joris Pelemans, Kris Demuynck, Hugo Van Hamme and Patrick Wambacq
Abstract In this paper we present 3 applications in the domain of Automatic Speech Recognition for Dutch, all of which are developed using our in-house speech recognition toolkit SPRAAK. The speech-to-text transcriber is a large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer, optimized for Southern Dutch. It is capable to select components and adjust parameters on the fly, based on the observed conditions in the audio and was recently extended with the capability of adding new words to the lexicon. The grapheme-to-phoneme converter generates possible pronunciations for Dutch words, based on lexicon lookup and linguistic rules. The speech-text alignment system takes audio and text as input and constructs a time aligned output where every word receives exact begin and end times. All three of the applications (and others) are freely available, after registration, as a web application on and in addition, can be accessed as a web service in automated tools.
Topics Speech Recognition/Understanding, Speech Resource/Database
Full paper Speech Recognition Web Services for Dutch
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