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Title Genres in the Prague Discourse Treebank
Authors Lucie Poláková, Pavlína Jínová and Jiří Mírovský
Abstract We present the project of classification of Prague Discourse Treebank documents (Czech journalistic texts) for their genres. Our main interest lies in opening the possibility to observe how text coherence is realized in different types (in the genre sense) of language data and, in the future, in exploring the ways of using genres as a feature for multi-sentence-level language technologies. In the paper, we first describe the motivation and the concept of the genre annotation, and briefly introduce the Prague Discourse Treebank. Then, we elaborate on the process of manual annotation of genres in the treebank, from the annotators' manual work to post-annotation checks and to the inter-annotator agreement measurements. The annotated genres are subsequently analyzed together with discourse relations (already annotated in the treebank) ― we present distributions of the annotated genres and results of studying distinctions of distributions of discourse relations across the individual genres.
Topics Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing, Anaphora, Coreference
Full paper Genres in the Prague Discourse Treebank
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