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Title CIEMPIESS: A New Open-Sourced Mexican Spanish Radio Corpus
Authors Carlos Daniel Hernandez Mena and Abel Herrera Camacho
Abstract """Corpus de Investigación en Español de México del Posgrado de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Servicio Social"" (CIEMPIESS) is a new open-sourced corpus extracted from Spanish spoken FM podcasts in the dialect of the center of Mexico. The CIEMPIESS corpus was designed to be used in the field of automatic speech recongnition (ASR) and it is provided with two different kind of pronouncing dictionaries, one of them containing the phonemes of Mexican Spanish and the other containing this same phonemes plus allophones. Corpus annotation took into account the tonic vowel of every word and the four different sounds that letter ""x"" presents in the Spanish language. CIEMPIESS corpus is also provided with two different language models extracted from electronic newsletters, one of them takes into account the tonic vowels but not the other one. Both the dictionaries and the language models allow users to experiment different scenarios for the recognition task in order to adequate the corpus to their needs."
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Speech Recognition/Understanding
Full paper CIEMPIESS: A New Open-Sourced Mexican Spanish Radio Corpus
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