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Title Building a Dataset of Multilingual Cognates for the Romanian Lexicon
Authors Liviu Dinu and Alina Maria Ciobanu
Abstract Identifying cognates is an interesting task with applications in numerous research areas, such as historical and comparative linguistics, language acquisition, cross-lingual information retrieval, readability and machine translation. We propose a dictionary-based approach to identifying cognates based on etymology and etymons. We account for relationships between languages and we extract etymology-related information from electronic dictionaries. We employ the dataset of cognates that we obtain as a gold standard for evaluating to which extent orthographic methods can be used to detect cognate pairs. The question that arises is whether they are able to discriminate between cognates and non-cognates, given the orthographic changes undergone by foreign words when entering new languages. We investigate some orthographic approaches widely used in this research area and some original metrics as well. We run our experiments on the Romanian lexicon, but the method we propose is adaptable to any language, as far as resources are available.
Topics Multilinguality, Language Modelling
Full paper Building a Dataset of Multilingual Cognates for the Romanian Lexicon
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