Summary of the paper

Title The CMD Cloud
Authors Matej Durco and Menzo Windhouwer
Abstract The CLARIN Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI) established means for flexible resource descriptions for the domain of language resources with sound provisions for semantic interoperability weaved deeply into the meta model and the infrastructure. Based on this solid grounding, the infrastructure accommodates a growing collection of metadata records. In this paper, we give a short overview of the current status in the CMD data domain on the schema and instance level and harness the installed mechanisms for semantic interoperability to explore the similarity relations between individual profiles/schemas. We propose a method to use the semantic links shared among the profiles to generate/compile a similarity graph. This information is further rendered in an interactive graph viewer: the SMC Browser. The resulting interactive graph offers an intuitive view on the complex interrelations of the discussed dataset revealing clusters of more similar profiles. This information is useful both for metadata modellers, for metadata curation tasks as well as for general audience seeking for a 'big picture' of the complex CMD data domain.
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Standards for LRs
Full paper The CMD Cloud
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