Summary of the paper

Title Building a Corpus of Manually Revised Texts from Discourse Perspective
Authors Ryu Iida and Takenobu Tokunaga
Abstract This paper presents building a corpus of manually revised texts which includes both before and after-revision information. In order to create such a corpus, we propose a procedure for revising a text from a discourse perspective, consisting of dividing a text to discourse units, organising and reordering groups of discourse units and finally modifying referring and connective expressions, each of which imposes limits on freedom of revision. Following the procedure, six revisers who have enough experience in either teaching Japanese or scoring Japanese essays revised 120 Japanese essays written by Japanese native speakers. Comparing the original and revised texts, we found some specific manual revisions frequently occurred between the original and revised texts, e.g. ‘thesis’ statements were frequently placed at the beginning of a text. We also evaluate text coherence using the original and revised texts on the task of pairwise information ordering, identifying a more coherent text. The experimental results using two text coherence models demonstrated that the two models did not outperform the random baseline.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper Building a Corpus of Manually Revised Texts from Discourse Perspective
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