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Title Cross-Language Authorship Attribution
Authors Dasha Bogdanova and Angeliki Lazaridou
Abstract This paper presents a novel task of cross-language authorship attribution (CLAA), an extension of authorship attribution task to multilingual settings: given data labelled with authors in language X, the objective is to determine the author of a document written in language Y , where X is different from Y . We propose a number of cross-language stylometric features for the task of CLAA, such as those based on sentiment and emotional markers. We also explore an approach based on machine translation (MT) with both lexical and cross-language features. We experimentally show that MT could be used as a starting point to CLAA, since it allows good attribution accuracy to be achieved. The cross-language features provide acceptable accuracy while using jointly with MT, though do not outperform lexical features.
Full paper Cross-Language Authorship Attribution
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