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Title Bootstrapping Open-Source English-Bulgarian Computational Dictionary
Authors Krasimir Angelov
Abstract We present an open-source English-Bulgarian dictionary which is a unification and consolidation of existing and freely available resources for the two languages. The new resource can be used as either a pair of two monolingual morphological lexicons, or as a bidirectional translation dictionary between the languages. The structure of the resource is compatible with the existing synchronous English-Bulgarian grammar in Grammatical Framework (GF). This makes it possible to immediately plug it in as a component in a grammar-based translation system that is currently under development in the same framework. This also meant that we had to enrich the dictionary with additional syntactic and semantic information that was missing in the original resources.
Topics Morphology, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper Bootstrapping Open-Source English-Bulgarian Computational Dictionary
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