Summary of the paper

Title GlobalPhone: Pronunciation Dictionaries in 20 Languages
Authors Tanja Schultz and Tim Schlippe
Abstract This paper describes the advances in the multilingual text and speech database GlobalPhone, a multilingual database of high-quality read speech with corresponding transcriptions and pronunciation dictionaries in 20 languages. GlobalPhone was designed to be uniform across languages with respect to the amount of data, speech quality, the collection scenario, the transcription and phone set conventions. With more than 400 hours of transcribed audio data from more than 2000 native speakers GlobalPhone supplies an excellent basis for research in the areas of multilingual speech recognition, rapid deployment of speech processing systems to yet unsupported languages, language identification tasks, speaker recognition in multiple languages, multilingual speech synthesis, as well as monolingual speech recognition in a large variety of languages. Very recently the GlobalPhone pronunciation dictionaries have been made available for research and commercial purposes by the European Language Resources Association (ELRA).
Topics Multilinguality, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper GlobalPhone: Pronunciation Dictionaries in 20 Languages
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