Summary of the paper

Title The Polish Summaries Corpus
Authors Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Mateusz Kopeć
Abstract This article presents the Polish Summaries Corpus, a new resource created to support the development and evaluation of the tools for automated single-document summarization of Polish. The Corpus contains a large number of manual summaries of news articles, with many independently created summaries for a single text. Such approach is supposed to overcome the annotator bias, which is often described as a problem during the evaluation of the summarization algorithms against a single gold standard. There are several summarizers developed specifically for Polish language, but their in-depth evaluation and comparison was impossible without a large, manually created corpus. We present in detail the process of text selection, annotation process and the contents of the corpus, which includes both abstract free-word summaries, as well as extraction-based summaries created by selecting text spans from the original document. Finally, we describe how that resource could be used not only for the evaluation of the existing summarization tools, but also for studies on the human summarization process in Polish language.
Topics Summarisation
Full paper The Polish Summaries Corpus
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