Summary of the paper

Title A SKOS-based Schema for TEI encoded Dictionaries at ICLTT
Authors Thierry Declerck, Karlheinz Mörth and Eveline Wandl-Vogt
Abstract At our institutes we are working with quite some dictionaries and lexical resources in the field of less-resourced language data, like dialects and historical languages. We are aiming at publishing those lexical data in the Linked Open Data framework in order to link them with available data sets for highly-resourced languages and elevating them thus to the same “digital dignity” the mainstream languages have gained. In this paper we concentrate on two TEI encoded variants of the Arabic language and propose a mapping of this TEI encoded data onto SKOS, showing how the lexical entries of the two dialectal dictionaries can be linked to other language resources available in the Linked Open Data cloud.
Topics Linked Data, Semantic Web
Full paper A SKOS-based Schema for TEI encoded Dictionaries at ICLTT
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