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Title OpenLogos Semantico-Syntactic Knowledge-Rich Bilingual Dictionaries
Authors Anabela Barreiro, Fernando Batista, Ricardo Ribeiro, Helena Moniz and Isabel Trancoso
Abstract This paper presents 3 sets of OpenLogos resources, namely the English-German, the English-French, and the English-Italian bilingual dictionaries. In addition to the usual information on part-of-speech, gender, and number for nouns, offered by most dictionaries currently available, OpenLogos bilingual dictionaries have some distinctive features that make them unique: they contain cross-language morphological information (inflectional and derivational), semantico-syntactic knowledge, indication of the head word in multiword units, information about whether a source word corresponds to an homograph, information about verb auxiliaries, alternate words (i.e., predicate or process nouns), causatives, reflexivity, verb aspect, among others. The focal point of the paper will be the semantico-syntactic knowledge that is important for disambiguation and translation precision. The resources are publicly available at the METANET platform for free use by the research community.
Topics Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation, Natural Language Generation
Full paper OpenLogos Semantico-Syntactic Knowledge-Rich Bilingual Dictionaries
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