Summary of the paper

Title TMO ― The Federated Ontology of the TrendMiner Project
Authors Hans-Ulrich Krieger and Thierry Declerck
Abstract This paper describes work carried out in the European project TrendMiner which partly deals with the extraction and representation of real time information from dynamic data streams. The focus of this paper lies on the construction of an integrated ontology, TMO, the TrendMiner Ontology, that has been assembled from several independent multilingual taxonomies and ontologies which are brought together by an interface specification, expressed in OWL. Within TrendMiner, TMO serves as a common language that helps to interlink data, delivered from both symbolic and statistical components of the TrendMiner system. Very often, the extracted data is supplied as quintuples, RDF triples that are extended by two further temporal arguments, expressing the temporal extent in which an atemporal statement is true. In this paper, we will also sneak a peek on the temporal entailment rules and queries that are built into the semantic repository hosting the data and which can be used to derive useful new information.
Topics Linked Data, Semantic Web
Full paper TMO ― The Federated Ontology of the TrendMiner Project
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