Summary of the paper

Title Votter Corpus: A Corpus of Social Polling Language
Authors Nathan Green and Septina Dian Larasati
Abstract The Votter Corpus is a new annotated corpus of social polling questions and answers. The Votter Corpus is novel in its use of the mobile application format and novel in its coverage of specific demographics. With over 26,000 polls and close to 1 millions votes, the Votter Corpus covers everyday question and answer language, primarily for users who are female and between the ages of 13-24. The corpus is annotated by topic and by popularity of particular answers. The corpus contains many unique characteristics such as emoticons, common mobile misspellings, and images associated with many of the questions. The corpus is a collection of questions and answers from The Votter App on the Android operating system. Data is created solely on this mobile platform which differs from most social media corpora. The Votter Corpus is being made available online in XML format for research and non-commercial use. The Votter android app can be downloaded for free in most android app stores.
Topics Social Media Processing, Question Answering
Full paper Votter Corpus: A Corpus of Social Polling Language
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