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Title Evaluating Improvised Hip Hop Lyrics - Challenges and Observations
Authors Karteek Addanki and Dekai Wu
Abstract We investigate novel challenges involved in comparing model performance on the task of improvising responses to hip hop lyrics and discuss observations regarding inter-evaluator agreement on judging improvisation quality. We believe the analysis serves as a first step toward designing robust evaluation strategies for improvisation tasks, a relatively neglected area to date. Unlike most natural language processing tasks, improvisation tasks suffer from a high degree of subjectivity, making it difficult to design discriminative evaluation strategies to drive model development. We propose a simple strategy with fluency and rhyming as the criteria for evaluating the quality of generated responses, which we apply to both our inversion transduction grammar based FREESTYLE hip hop challenge-response improvisation system, as well as various contrastive systems. We report inter-evaluator agreement for both English and French hip hop lyrics, and analyze correlation with challenge length. We also compare the extent of agreement in evaluating fluency with that of rhyming, and quantify the difference in agreement with and without precise definitions of evaluation criteria.
Topics Prosody, Other
Full paper Evaluating Improvised Hip Hop Lyrics - Challenges and Observations
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