Summary of the paper

Title TLAXCALA: a Multilingual Corpus of Independent News
Authors Antonio Toral
Abstract We acquire corpora from the domain of independent news from the Tlaxcala website. We build monolingual corpora for 15 languages and parallel corpora for all the combinations of those 15 languages. These corpora include languages for which only very limited such resources exist (e.g. Tamazight). We present the acquisition process in detail and we also present detailed statistics of the produced corpora, concerning mainly quantitative dimensions such as the size of the corpora per language (for the monolingual corpora) and per language pair (for the parallel corpora). To the best of our knowledge, these are the first publicly available parallel and monolingual corpora for the domain of independent news. We also create models for unsupervised sentence splitting for all the languages of the study.
Topics Endangered Languages, Multilinguality
Full paper TLAXCALA: a Multilingual Corpus of Independent News
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