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Title Building Domain Specific Bilingual Dictionaries
Authors Lucas Hilgert, Lucelene Lopes, Artur Freitas, Renata Vieira, Denise Hogetop and Aline Vanin
Abstract This paper proposes a method to build bilingual dictionaries for specific domains defined by a parallel corpora. The proposed method is based on an original method that is not domain specific. Both the original and the proposed methods are constructed with previously available natural language processing tools. Therefore, this paper contribution resides in the choice and parametrization of the chosen tools. To illustrate the proposed method benefits we conduct an experiment over technical manuals in English and Portuguese. The results of our proposed method were analyzed by human specialists and our results indicates significant increases in precision for unigrams and muli-grams. Numerically, the precision increase is as big as 15% according to our evaluation.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Building Domain Specific Bilingual Dictionaries
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