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Title FLELex: a graded Lexical Resource for French Foreign Learners
Authors Thomas Francois, Nùria Gala, Patrick Watrin and Cédrick Fairon
Abstract In this paper we present FLELex, the first graded ­lexicon for French as a foreign language (FFL) that reports word frequencies by difficulty level (according to the CEFR scale). It has been obtained from a tagged corpus of 777,000 words from available textbooks and simplified readers intended for FFL learners. Our goal is to freely provide this resource to the community to be used for a variety of purposes going from the assessment of the lexical difficulty of a text, to the selection of simpler words within text simplification systems, and also as a dictionary in assistive tools for writing.
Topics Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Acquisition
Full paper FLELex: a graded Lexical Resource for French Foreign Learners
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