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Title A Large Scale Database of Strongly-related Events in Japanese
Authors Tomohide Shibata, Shotaro Kohama and Sadao Kurohashi
Abstract The knowledge about the relation between events is quite useful for coreference resolution, anaphora resolution, and several NLP applications such as dialogue system. This paper presents a large scale database of strongly-related events in Japanese, which has been acquired with our proposed method (Shibata and Kurohashi, 2011). In languages, where omitted arguments or zero anaphora are often utilized, such as Japanese, the coreference-based event extraction methods are hard to be applied, and so our method extracts strongly-related events in a two-phrase construct. This method first calculates the co-occurrence measure between predicate-arguments (events), and regards an event pair, whose mutual information is high, as strongly-related events. To calculate the co-occurrence measure efficiently, we adopt an association rule mining method. Then, we identify the remaining arguments by using case frames. The database contains approximately 100,000 unique events, with approximately 340,000 strongly-related event pairs, which is much larger than an existing automatically-constructed event database. We evaluated randomly-chosen 100 event pairs, and the accuracy was approximately 68%.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Discovery/Representation
Full paper A Large Scale Database of Strongly-related Events in Japanese
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