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Title sloWCrowd: a Crowdsourcing Tool for Lexicographic Tasks
Authors Darja Fišer, Aleš Tavčar and Tomaž Erjavec
Abstract The paper presents sloWCrowd, a simple tool developed to facilitate crowdsourcing lexicographic tasks, such as error correction in automatically generated wordnets and semantic annotation of corpora. The tool is open-source, language-independent and can be adapted to a broad range of crowdsourcing tasks. Since volunteers who participate in our crowdsourcing tasks are not trained lexicographers, the tool has been designed to obtain multiple answers to the same question and compute the majority vote, making sure individual unreliable answers are discarded. We also make sure unreliable volunteers, who systematically provide unreliable answers, are not taken into account. This is achieved by measuring their accuracy against a gold standard, the questions from which are posed to the annotators on a regular basis in between the real question. We tested the tool in an extensive crowdsourcing task, i.e. error correction of the Slovene wordnet, the results of which are encouraging, motivating us to use the tool in other annotation tasks in the future as well.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper sloWCrowd: a Crowdsourcing Tool for Lexicographic Tasks
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