Summary of the paper

Title Extracting Information for Context-aware Meeting Preparation
Authors Simon Scerri, Behrang Q. Zadeh, Maciej Dabrowski and Ismael Rivera
Abstract People working in an office environment suffer from large volumes of information that they need to manage and access. Frequently, the problem is due to machines not being able to recognise the many implicit relationships between office artefacts, and also due to them not being aware of the context surrounding them. In order to expose these relationships and enrich artefact context, text analytics can be employed over semi-structured and unstructured content, including free text. In this paper, we explain how this strategy is applied and partly evaluated for a specific use-case: supporting the attendees of a calendar event to prepare for the meeting.
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Topic Detection & Tracking
Full paper Extracting Information for Context-aware Meeting Preparation
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