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Title The KiezDeutsch Korpus (KiDKo) Release 1.0
Authors Ines Rehbein, Sören Schalowski and Heike Wiese
Abstract This paper presents the first release of the KiezDeutsch Korpus (KiDKo), a new language resource with multiparty spoken dialogues of Kiezdeutsch, a newly emerging language variety spoken by adolescents from multiethnic urban areas in Germany. The first release of the corpus includes the transcriptions of the data as well as a normalisation layer and part-of-speech annotations. In the paper, we describe the main features of the new resource and then focus on automatic POS tagging of informal spoken language. Our tagger achieves an accuracy of nearly 97% on KiDKo. While we did not succeed in further improving the tagger using ensemble tagging, we present our approach to using the tagger ensembles for identifying error patterns in the automatically tagged data.
Topics Part-of-Speech Tagging, Speech Resource/Database
Full paper The KiezDeutsch Korpus (KiDKo) Release 1.0
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