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Title A Meta-data Driven Platform for Semi-automatic Configuration of Ontology Mediators
Authors Manuel Fiorelli, Maria Teresa Pazienza and Armando Stellato
Abstract Ontology mediators often demand extensive configuration, or even the adaptation of the input ontologies for remedying unsupported modeling patterns. In this paper we propose MAPLE (MAPping Architecture based on Linguistic Evidences), an architecture and software platform that semi-automatically solves this configuration problem, by reasoning on metadata about the linguistic expressivity of the input ontologies, the available mediators and other components relevant to the mediation task. In our methodology mediators should access the input ontologies through uniform interfaces abstracting many low-level details, while depending on generic third-party linguistic resources providing external information. Given a pair of ontologies to reconcile, MAPLE ranks the available mediators according to their ability to exploit most of the input ontologies content, while coping with the exhibited degree of linguistic heterogeneity. MAPLE provides the chosen mediator with concrete linguistic resources and suitable implementations of the required interfaces. The resulting mediators are more robust, as they are isolated from many low-level issues, and their applicability and performance may increase over time as new and better resources and other components are made available. To sustain this trend, we foresee the use of the Web as a large scale repository.
Topics Semantic Web, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper A Meta-data Driven Platform for Semi-automatic Configuration of Ontology Mediators
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