Summary of the paper

Title Image Annotation with ISO-Space: Distinguishing Content from Structure
Authors James Pustejovsky and Zachary Yocum
Abstract Natural language descriptions of visual media present interesting problems for linguistic annotation of spatial information. This paper explores the use of ISO-Space, an annotation specification to capturing spatial information, for encoding spatial relations mentioned in descriptions of images. Especially, we focus on the distinction between references to representational content and structural components of images, and the utility of such a distinction within a compositional semantics. We also discuss how such a structure-content distinction within the linguistic annotation can be leveraged to compute further inferences about spatial configurations depicted by images with verbal captions. We construct a composition table to relate content-based relations to structure-based relations in the image, as expressed in the captions. While still preliminary, our initial results suggest that a weak composition table is both sound and informative for deriving new spatial relations.
Topics Standards for LRs, Semantics
Full paper Image Annotation with ISO-Space: Distinguishing Content from Structure
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