Summary of the paper

Title A Corpus of Comparisons in Product Reviews
Authors Wiltrud Kessler and Jonas Kuhn
Abstract Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) deals with the task of determining the polarity of an opinionated document or sentence. Users often express sentiment about one product by comparing it to a different product. In this work, we present a corpus of comparison sentences from English camera reviews. For our purposes we define a comparison to be any statement about the similarity or difference of two entities. For each sentence we have annotated detailed information about the comparisons it contains: The comparative predicate that expresses the comparison, the type of the comparison, the two entities that are being compared, and the aspect they are compared in. The results of our agreement study show that the decision whether a sentence contains a comparison is difficult to make even for trained human annotators. Once that decision is made, we can achieve consistent results for the very detailed annotations. In total, we have annotated 2108 comparisons in 1707 sentences from camera reviews which makes our corpus the largest resource currently available. The corpus and the annotation guidelines are publicly available on our website.
Topics Social Media Processing, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper A Corpus of Comparisons in Product Reviews
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