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Title The META-SHARE Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources
Authors Maria Gavrilidou, Penny Labropoulou, Elina Desipri, Stelios Piperidis, Haris Papageorgiou, Monica Monachini, Francesca Frontini, Thierry Declerck, Gil Francopoulo, Victoria Arranz and Valérie Mapelli
Abstract This paper presents a metadata model for the description of language resources proposed in the framework of the META-SHARE infrastructure, aiming to cover both datasets and tools/technologies used for their processing. It places the model in the overall framework of metadata models, describes the basic principles and features of the model, elaborates on the distinction between minimal and maximal versions thereof, briefly presents the integrated environment supporting the LRs description and search and retrieval processes and concludes with work to be done in the future for the improvement of the model.
Topics Metadata
Full paper The META-SHARE Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources
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