Summary of the paper

Title PET: a Tool for Post-editing and Assessing Machine Translation
Authors Wilker Aziz, Sheila Castilho and Lucia Specia
Abstract Given the significant improvements in Machine Translation (MT) quality and the increasing demand for translations, post-editing of automatic translations is becoming a popular practice in the translation industry. It has been shown to allow for much larger volumes of translations to be produced, saving time and costs. In addition, the post-editing of automatic translations can help understand problems in such translations and this can be used as feedback for researchers and developers to improve MT systems. Finally, post-editing can be used as a way of evaluating the quality of translations in terms of how much post-editing effort these translations require. We describe a standalone tool that has two main purposes: facilitate the post-editing of translations from any MT system so that they reach publishable quality and collect sentence-level information from the post-editing process, e.g.: post-editing time and detailed keystroke statistics.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper PET: a Tool for Post-editing and Assessing Machine Translation
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