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Title KPWr: Towards a Free Corpus of Polish
Authors Bartosz Broda, Michał Marcińczuk, Marek Maziarz, Adam Radziszewski and Adam Wardyński
Abstract This paper presents our efforts aimed at collecting and annotating a free Polish corpus. The corpus will serve for us as training and testing material for experiments with Machine Learning algorithms. As others may also benefit from the resource, we are going to release it under a Creative Commons licence, which is hoped to remove unnecessary usage restrictions, but also to facilitate reproduction of our experimental results. The corpus is being annotated with various types of linguistic entities: chunks and named entities, selected syntactic and semantic relations, word senses and anaphora. We report on the current state of the project as well as our ultimate goals.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Named Entity recognition, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper KPWr: Towards a Free Corpus of Polish
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