Summary of the paper

Title Recognition of Polish Derivational Relations Based on Supervised Learning Scheme
Authors Maciej Piasecki, Radoslaw Ramocki and Marek Maziarz
Abstract The paper presents construction of \emph{Derywator} -- a language tool for the recognition of Polish derivational relations. It was built on the basis of machine learning in a way following the bootstrapping approach: a limited set of derivational pairs described manually by linguists in plWordNet is used to train \emph{Derivator}. The tool is intended to be applied in semi-automated expansion of plWordNet with new instances of derivational relations. The training process is based on the construction of two transducers working in the opposite directions: one for prefixes and one for suffixes. Internal stem alternations are recognised, recorded in a form of mapping sequences and stored together with transducers. Raw results produced by \emph{Derivator} undergo next corpus-based and morphological filtering. A set of derivational relations defined in plWordNet is presented. Results of tests for different derivational relations are discussed. A problem of the necessary corpus-based semantic filtering is analysed. The presented tool depends to a very little extent on the hand-crafted knowledge for a particular language, namely only a table of possible alternations and morphological filtering rules must be exchanged and it should not take longer than a couple of working days.
Topics Morphology, Lexicon, lexical database, Knowledge Discovery/Representation
Full paper Recognition of Polish Derivational Relations Based on Supervised Learning Scheme
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