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Title LDC Language Resource Database: Building a Bibliographic Database
Authors Eleftheria Ahtaridis, Christopher Cieri and Denise DiPersio
Abstract The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) creates and provides language resources (LRs) including data, tools and specifications. In order to assess the impact of these LRs and to support both LR users and authors, LDC is collecting metadata about and URLs for research papers that introduce, describe, critique, extend or rely upon LDC LRs. Current collection efforts focus on papers published in journals and conference proceedings that are available online. To date, nearly 300, or over half of the LRs LDC distributes have been searched for extensively and almost 8000 research papers about these LRs have been documented. This paper discusses the issues with collecting references and includes preliminary analysis of those results. The remaining goals of the project are also outlined.
Topics Digital libraries, Metadata, Web Services
Full paper LDC Language Resource Database: Building a Bibliographic Database
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