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Title Tools for plWordNet Development. Presentation and Perspectives
Authors Bartosz Broda, Marek Maziarz and Maciej Piasecki
Abstract Building a wordnet is a serious undertaking. Fortunately, Language Technology (LT) can improve the process of wordnet construction both in terms of quality and cost. In this paper we present LT tools used during the construction of plWordNet and their influence on the lexicographer's work-flow. LT is employed in plWordNet development on every possible step: from data gathering through data analysis to data presentation. Nevertheless, every decision requires input from the lexicographer, but the quality of supporting tools is an important factor. Thus a limited evaluation of usefulness of employed tools is carried out on the basis of questionnaires.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Semantics, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Tools for plWordNet Development. Presentation and Perspectives
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