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Title Mapping WordNet to the Kyoto ontology
Authors Egoitz Laparra, German Rigau and Piek Vossen
Abstract This paper describes the connection of WordNet to a generic ontology based on DOLCE. We developed a complete set of heuristics for mapping all WordNet nouns, verbs and adjectives to the ontology. Moreover, the mapping also allows to represent predicates in a uniform and interoperable way, regardless of the way they are expressed in the text and in which language. Together with the ontology, the WordNet mappings provide a extremely rich and powerful basis for semantic processing of text in any domain. In particular, the mapping has been used in a knowledge-rich event-mining system developed for the Asian-European project KYOTO.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Ontologies, Semantics
Full paper Mapping WordNet to the Kyoto ontology
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