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Title Multi-Layer Discourse Annotation of a Dutch Text Corpus
Authors Gisela Redeker, Ildikó Berzlánovich, Nynke van der Vliet, Gosse Bouma and Markus Egg
Abstract We have compiled a corpus of 80 Dutch texts from expository and persuasive genres, which we annotated for rhetorical and genre-specific discourse structure, and lexical cohesion with the goal of creating a gold standard for further research. The annota┬Čtions are based on a segmentation of the text in elementary discourse units that takes into account cues from syntax and punctuation. During the labor-intensive discourse-structure annotation (RST analysis), we took great care to thoroughly reconcile the initial analyses. That process and the availability of two independent initial analyses for each text allows us to analyze our disagreements and to assess the confusability of RST relations, and thereby improve the annotation guidelines and gather evidence for the classification of these relations into larger groups. We are using this resource for corpus-based studies of discourse relations, discourse markers, cohesion, and genre differences, e.g., the question of how discourse structure and lexical cohesion interact for different genres in the overall organization of texts. We are also exploring automatic text segmentation and semi-automatic discourse annotation.
Topics Discourse annotation, representation and processing, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Other
Full paper Multi-Layer Discourse Annotation of a Dutch Text Corpus
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