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Title Creating HAVIC: Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection
Authors Stephanie Strassel, Amanda Morris, Jonathan Fiscus, Christopher Caruso, Haejoong Lee, Paul Over, James Fiumara, Barbara Shaw, Brian Antonishek and Martial Michel
Abstract Linguistic Data Consortium and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are collaborating to create a large, heterogeneous annotated multimodal corpus to support research in multimodal event detection and related technologies. The HAVIC (Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection) Corpus will ultimately consist of several thousands of hours of unconstrained user-generated multimedia content. HAVIC has been designed with an eye toward providing increased challenges for both acoustic and video processing technologies, focusing on multi-dimensional variation inherent in user-generated multimedia content. To date the HAVIC corpus has been used to support the NIST 2010 and 2011 TRECVID Multimedia Event Detection (MED) Evaluations. Portions of the corpus are expected to be released in LDC's catalog in the coming year, with the remaining segments being published over time after their use in the ongoing MED evaluations.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Evaluation methodologies, Multimedia Document Processing
Full paper Creating HAVIC: Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection
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