Summary of the paper

Title Empirical Comparisons of MASC Word Sense Annotations
Authors Gerard de Melo, Collin F. Baker, Nancy Ide, Rebecca J. Passonneau and Christiane Fellbaum
Abstract We analyze how different conceptions of lexical semantics affect sense annotations and how multiple sense inventories can be compared empirically, based on annotated text. Our study focuses on the MASC project, where data has been annotated using WordNet sense identifiers on the one hand, and FrameNet lexical units on the other. This allows us to compare the sense inventories of these lexical resources empirically rather than just theoretically, based on their glosses, leading to new insights. In particular, we compute contingency matrices and develop a novel measure, the Expected Jaccard Index, that quantifies the agreement between annotations of the same data based on two different resources even when they have different sets of categories.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantics
Full paper Empirical Comparisons of MASC Word Sense Annotations
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