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Title Summarizing a multimodal set of documents in a Smart Room
Authors Maria Fuentes, Horacio Rodríguez and Jordi Turmo
Abstract This article reports an intrinsic automatic summarization evaluation in the scientific lecture domain. The lecture takes place in a Smart Room that has access to different types of documents produced from different media. An evaluation framework is presented to analyze the performance of systems producing summaries answering a user need. Several ROUGE metrics are used and a manual content responsiveness evaluation was carried out in order to analyze the performance of the evaluated approaches. Various multilingual summarization approaches are analyzed showing that the use of different types of documents outperforms the use of transcripts. In fact, not using any part of the spontaneous speech transcription in the summary improves the performance of automatic summaries. Moreover, the use of semantic information represented in the different textual documents coming from different media helps to improve summary quality.
Topics Summarisation, Evaluation methodologies, Multimedia Document Processing
Full paper Summarizing a multimodal set of documents in a Smart Room
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