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Title Designing French Tale Corpora for Entertaining Text To Speech Synthesis
Authors David Doukhan, Sophie Rosset, Albert Rilliard, Christophe d'Alessandro and Martine Adda-Decker
Abstract Text and speech corpora for training a tale telling robot have been designed, recorded and annotated. The aim of these corpora is to study expressive storytelling behaviour, and to help in designing expressive prosodic and co-verbal variations for the artificial storyteller). A set of 89 children tales in French serves as a basis for this work. The tales annotation principles and scheme are described, together with the corpus description in terms of coverage and inter-annotator agreement. Automatic analysis of a new tale with the help of this corpus and machine learning is discussed. Metrics for evaluation of automatic annotation methods are discussed. A speech corpus of about 1 hour, with 12 tales has been recorded and aligned and annotated. This corpus is used for predicting expressive prosody in children tales, above the level of the sentence.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Prosody, Speech Synthesis
Full paper Designing French Tale Corpora for Entertaining Text To Speech Synthesis
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