Summary of the paper

Title Getting more data -- Schoolkids as annotators
Authors Jirka Hana and Barbora Hladka
Abstract We present a new way to get more morphologically and syntactically annotated data. We have developed an annotation editor tailored to school children to involve them in text annotation. Using this editor, they practice morphology and dependency-based syntax in the same way as they normally do at (Czech) schools, without any special training. Their annotation is then automatically transformed into the target annotation schema. The editor is designed to be language independent, however the subsequent transformation is driven by the annotation framework we are heading for. In our case, the object language is Czech and the target annotation scheme corresponds to the Prague Dependency Treebank annotation framework.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper Getting more data -- Schoolkids as annotators
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