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Title CALBC: Releasing the Final Corpora
Authors Şenay Kafkas, Ian Lewin, David Milward, Erik van Mulligen, Jan Kors, Udo Hahn and Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
Abstract A number of gold standard corpora for named entity recognition are available to the public. However, the existing gold standard corpora are limited in size and semantic entity types. These usually lead to implementation of trained solutions (1) for a limited number of semantic entity types and (2) lacking in generalization capability. In order to overcome these problems, the CALBC project has aimed to automatically generate large scale corpora annotated with multiple semantic entity types in a community-wide manner based on the consensus of different named entity solutions. The generated corpus is called the silver standard corpus since the corpus generation process does not involve any manual curation. In this publication, we announce the release of the final CALBC corpora which include the silver standard corpus in different versions and several gold standard corpora for the further usage of the biomedical text mining community. The gold standard corpora are utilised to benchmark the methods used in the silver standard corpora generation process and released in a shared format. All the corpora are released in a shared format and accessible at
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Named Entity recognition, Text mining
Full paper CALBC: Releasing the Final Corpora
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