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Title Two Phase Evaluation for Selecting Machine Translation Services
Authors Chunqi Shi, Donghui Lin, Masahiko Shimada and Toru Ishida
Abstract An increased number of machine translation services are now available. Unfortunately, none of them can provide adequate translation quality for all input sources. This forces the user to select from among the services according to his needs. However, it is tedious and time consuming to perform this manual selection. Our solution, proposed here, is an automatic mechanism that can select the most appropriate machine translation service. Although evaluation methods are available, such as BLEU, NIST, WER, etc., their evaluation results are not unanimous regardless of the translation sources. We proposed a two-phase architecture for selecting translation services. The first phase uses a data-driven classification to allow the most appropriate evaluation method to be selected according to each translation source. The second phase selects the most appropriate machine translation result by the selected evaluation method. We describe the architecture, detail the algorithm, and construct a prototype. Tests show that the proposal yields better translation quality than employing just one machine translation service.
Topics Web Services, Evaluation methodologies, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Two Phase Evaluation for Selecting Machine Translation Services
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