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Title Linguistic Resources for Handwriting Recognition and Translation Evaluation
Authors Zhiyi Song, Safa Ismael, Stephen Grimes, David Doermann and Stephanie Strassel
Abstract We describe efforts to create corpora to support development and evaluation of handwriting recognition and translation technology. LDC has developed a stable pipeline and infrastructures for collecting and annotating handwriting linguistic resources to support the evaluation of MADCAT and OpenHaRT. We collect and annotate handwritten samples of pre-processed Arabic and Chinese data that has been already translated in English that is used in the GALE program. To date, LDC has recruited more than 600 scribes and collected, annotated and released more than 225,000 handwriting images. Most linguistic resources created for these programs will be made available to the larger research community by publishing in LDC's catalog. The phase 1 MADCAT corpus is now available.
Topics Handwriting recognition, Multilinguality
Full paper Linguistic Resources for Handwriting Recognition and Translation Evaluation
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