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Title The Nordic Dialect Corpus
Authors Janne Bondi Johannessen, Joel Priestley, Kristin Hagen, Anders Nøklestad and André Lynum
Abstract In this paper, we describe the Nordic Dialect Corpus, which has recently been completed. The corpus has a variety of features that combined makes it an advanced tool for language researchers. These features include: Linguistic contents (dialects from five closely related languages), annotation (tagging and two types of transcription), search interface (advanced possibilities for combining a large array of search criteria and results presentation in an intuitive and simple interface), many search variables (linguistics-based, informant-based, time-based), multimedia display (linking of sound and video to transcriptions), display of results in maps, display of informant details (number of words and other information on informants), advanced results handling (concordances, collocations, counts and statistics shown in a variety of graphical modes, plus further processing). Finally, and importantly, the corpus is freely available for research on the web. We give examples of both various kinds of searches, of displays of results and of results handling.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Speech resource/database, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper The Nordic Dialect Corpus
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